'Pilates for Runners' is for anyone who runs.

Pilates can make a huge difference to your running form and help to keep you injury-free. Over time you will improve your strength, coordination, mobility, flexibility, breathing, balance and running posture – no more rounded shoulders or collapsed gait as you head for the finish line.

I have seen so many clients benefit in all sorts of positive ways from regular Pilates classes. And my own running form, stamina and times changed immeasurably once I started practising and then teaching it. Now, as I get older, I know that because of Pilates I can keep running comfortably for a long time to come. And by practising Pilates only a few times a week, I promise that you will also feel the difference, and maybe even notice that your body shape changes too.

Whether you are male or female, a regular marathon runner, a Saturday morning Parkrunner, a complete beginner or just contemplating taking up running, this book Pilates for Runners is all you need to get the most out of this wonderful, life-enhancing sport and to stay injury-free.

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